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Shipping container specifications

There are several types of container, depending on the goods to be transported.

Dry and High cube containers

These are totally enclosed containers sealed against the weather (closed, dry or CTS). Standard containers are equipped with doors at the ends and are used to transport all types of goods.

This is the most common container type, used to transport most dry goods.

Reefers (refrigerated containers)

This type of container is used to transport goods at a controlled temperature. Thermally insulated, it is equipped with an electric motor to cool or warm the air inside the container.

Open top containers

These containers have the same characteristics as dry containers except that they do not have a rigid roof. They can be fitted with a tarpaulin.

Open top containers are designed to carry heavy and/or high-volume goods handled with a crane.

Flat rack containers

These containers come with or without rigid ends (the ends can be folded down on to the floor of the container). This type of container is designed to transport high-volume, heavy and outsize goods.

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